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Your answers
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It’s normal and wise to get all the info first.
Make yourself comfortable. We gotchu.

It’s normal and wise to get all the info first.
Make yourself comfortable. We gotchu.


Frequently Asked Questions


Here at AvrConsultancy™, all of our services are structured with proven methodology used by successful musicians, to give you an edge over the competition. Our tools and information, effectively applied, paired with your own drive, consistency and diligence — working smart not necessarily hard — can demonstrably help lead to your biggest strides towards success in music.  

Schedule Your Free Music Review now. We’re here to help at every step along the way.

The AvrConsultancy™ staff comprises independent A&Rs who have been selected and enlisted by some of the most powerful decision-makers at major labels, subsidiaries and publishers, to consult them with the best music we hear.  We also consult creatives directly.  

Our consultancy for creatives includes:

(A) Masterclass Programs with useful, hard-to-find intel — revealing the music industry’s best kept secrets

(B) Hands-on guidance and development, including detailed, real time reviews of your music and project(s), and…

(C) Priority access to key decision makers in our contacts — to whom we’ll forward the best music we hear.

Speaking with an A&R consultant can be a life-changing experience for a musician who has never before had access to such industry personnel. Schedule a Free Music Review today and let’s discuss how we can team up with you to help level up your music game.

AvrConsultancy™ is the premier A&R consultancy firm — the only one of its kind — specifically designed for musicians and music industry professionals of all types: recording artists, DJs, songwriters, producers, composers — and even artist managers, labels, publishers and other professionals — in all mainstream genres.  During your Free Music Review, we’ll give you some great feedback and learn about your goals, then discuss how we can help you take your next steps towards maximizing your potential for increased success. 

Following your free music and/or project review, we may or may not recommend our paid services, depending on a number of factors. In some cases, it may make better sense to connect in more of a Business To Business (B2B) capacity, rather than our taking you on as a client. Let’s discuss and go from there. Schedule your Free Music Review now and let’s get to know each other.

The AvrConsultancy™ staff comprises Advocates for Creatives, including real A&R Consultants who help choose the music and artists that may get signed to today’s hottest record labels and publishers.  We are on your side and want to level the playing field for independent musicians like you, who wish to maximize your success and potentially attract major record labels.  This isn’t just our mission: it is our passion.

We look forward to speaking with you during your Free Music Review. Schedule yours today at absolutely no cost, no risk and no obligation whatsoever.

We commend you for being cautious.  Here at AvrConsultancy™, our staff will never tolerate any musician being taken advantage of, on our watch. In fact, we have strict policies to prevent this. (And yes, we can verify our credentials at any time, upon request.)

The staff of AvrConsultancy™ comprises hand-selected, established music industry professionals — many of us musicians ourselves — who strive for integrity and have your best interests at heart. That’s why we donate our time to thousands in the music community via Free Music Reviews with no payment information required and absolutely no obligation to do business with us.  This stress-free call allows us to answer any questions you may have, and give you a sense of what we’re all about.  We are Advocates for Creatives.  And we are on your side. We want to make the music industry a safer, more enjoyable place. 

Schedule now and let’s see how we can help you level up your music game and maximize your chances of increased success.


AvrConsultancy™ is not a record label, and therefore, we do not currently sign artists directly.  What we do is help develop and forward the best music and artists we hear to key decision-makers at major labels, publishers and subsidiaries we consult for, for consideration to be signed. From there, it’s up to the given labels or publishers to decide what they wish to sign.

Let us assess how “close” we feel you might be to a deal — and what steps you can take to get even closer — during your free initial consultation.  Schedule one with us right away and let’s discuss.

Depends. If we feel your music is ready to be signed, we will get it into the right hands. As independent A&Rs, we screen music labels receive, to make their jobs easier and ensure they receive only the very best selections.  Therefore, we cannot “just forward” everything we receive.  

In your free music review, we evaluate your work to determine what makes the most sense for your situation. That’s your best place to start. Schedule yours today, risk-free. And let’s go from there together.

Yes, and you’re in good company. Many of our clients are thinking the same way as you are, actually.

The independent sector of the music industry is growing larger and larger every day. Many super-driven indie artists are carving their own path without 360 deals and without major labels, and finding the success they seek. We recommend musicians who want to be independent at first or indefinitely do so, if a record deal isn’t appealing to you.

It’s worth noting that there are advantages to a record deal, but there are also advantages of going the independent route (depending on the deal and depending on your situation).

In fact, most major record labels will be more interested in an artist project that is well-developed and has some existing traction happening (with rare exceptions).

So even if you may want to consider a record deal down the road, if you don’t have much if any traction in your career already, most labels won’t be interested in signing you anyway.

We can discuss all this with you to confirm that you indeed want to stay independent and that it’s in your best interest.

Furthermore, we have most of the resources labels use to make their projects successful available to us, and we can share these with you, without any need for you to be signed to a record deal to benefit from them.

And if your interest in getting a deal changes in the future, we can get you in front of the top executives at record labels once we believe your project is ready and likely to garner their interest.

AvrConsultancy™️ can work with any musician, regardless of your goals. We take it as a given that you want to become a better musician and find success in some capacity.

After learning about your goals, we will evaluate your music and situation, and help guide you in development, aligning the right resources and people to help you make substantial progress towards achieving your goals in music, no matter what they are.

As a simple and painless first step, we invite you to get in touch in a Schedule a Free Initial Consultation with us now so we can discuss what you’re trying to accomplish and how we may potentially help you in getting there, and we’ll go from there.

Yes, absolutely.  In addition to consulting independent musicians, we also deal with signed artists, songwriters, producers and DJs (and their managers).  It is well-known that many labels prioritize their artists who are hustling the most for themselves and have an active team. We’d love to be a part of your “mastermind.” We can help further refine your skill set, identify your strongest records, talk marketing, streaming, playlisting and radio strategies — and align amazing collaborations and the right personnel to help propel you to your greatest heights of success.

Get in touch in a Free Music Review now and let’s make music history together!

For sure. Nowadays, the music industry’s independent sector is growing exponentially, as we speak. Many super-driven indie artists are carving their own path without 360 deals and without major labels, and finding the success they seek. Our goal is to do what makes sense for your situation and goals, which we can assess over a casual call absolutely free of charge, with no obligation. You can still benefit from our Masterclasses and A&R Consultations, even if you opt to stay independent or pursue deals with indie labels.

As a simple and painless first step, we invite you to get in touch in a Free Music Review now so we can discuss what you’re trying to accomplish and how we may potentially help you in getting there.

It varies.  Every musician and every career is unique.  Many music projects take 5-10 years of development and trial-and-error to reach huge status.  Be vigilant and consistent — but also, be patient.  “Overnight success” should not be expected. Our goal is to expedite (speed up) your trajectory. AvrConsultancy™ can give you estimates of what success you can expect based on our assessment of your music and projects.

Please schedule a Free Music Review so we can go over this specifically for your situation, in detail, together.

Short answer?  No.  

AvrConsultancy™ cannot guarantee the success of any specific client.  There is a mantra in the music industry: We can only guide a moving force. If you follow our instruction in the development stages, apply yourself fully to the actionable steps we suggest — and allow us to align you for collaboration, promotion and/or record deals or publishing deals — you can expect to make strides towards creating a buzz in the music marketplace.

Schedule a Free Music Review today to talk about what we can do to help you maximize your potential of reaching greater success more quickly than you might be able to achieve on your own. That is our goal, our mission and our passion. Lets talk!

“Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.”  — Copyright.gov

Registering, while not required, does offer certain additional protections.  Learn more at: https://www.copyright.gov/help/faq (or your local copyright offices, if outside the US).

Schedule a Free Music Review with us now, risk-free.  If you like, we can go over copyright questions prior to sending us your material. We’ll go from there and help you level up your music game.

IMPORTANT: AvrConsultancy™ will not claim any ownership over your music (which we will only ever do with your express consent). You retain all rights to your work unless otherwise agreed upon in signed writing (e.g. in a record contract or other deal agreement).


In this first meeting (subject to our availability — at absolutely no cost whatsoever), we’ll learn about your goals in music and determine how you can level up towards your “A Game.” We’ll then recommend an AvrConsultancy™ program, tailored specifically to your needs, budget and goals. If you’re already working in the business, this meeting can serve as a way to discuss potential B2B situations in general, or otherwise.  

Schedule your free initial consultation now by pressing “Schedule Now” anywhere on our website, including here. Looking forward to getting to know each other and helping you level up!

Whether you’re just getting started or have already completed a Free Music Review, all you need to do is click “Schedule Now” here or on anywhere it appears on our site.

In the form that appears after you choose a date and time on our calendar, simply indicate which type of consultation you’re scheduling: Free Initial Consultation, Paid Consultation or Free Consultation (fees waived for another pre-approved reason).

Our Free Music Review is a chance to get to know each other, in a “no strings attached” manner.  We do not ask for any payment information and there is zero obligation to move forward with our services, unless you feel convinced your music career will be better with us by your side. 

Think of this as a casual call, and also please note that even people who do not necessarily intend to do paid consultancy business with us may still schedule a call to discuss options to work together in some way (e.g. B2B situations, for music professionals in the business to reach us). We do not ever pressure anyone to do paid consultancy, and we will never charge or bill you for anything without your express consent ahead of time. So feel free to reach out!


AvrConsultancy™ works with musicians at every level of talent and industry traction. Our services are best for those who have some recorded work we can review — even rough demos are OK. Career-oriented musicians will get the most out of our services. The level you’re operating at will simply be a metric to structure programs best-suited for your specific situation.  If we determine we cannot be of-help to you, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction to others in the business who can. 

The first step is to schedule a Free Music Review with us right away, so we can go over your material and get a gauge of what we can do to help you succeed as quickly as possible.

AvrConsultancy™ will accept music and can help anyone, in almost any commercially-viable genre.  

We tend to specialize in mainstream genres (pop, dance and urban) and our most effective campaigns are often  in these styles. Feel free to schedule a Free Music Review and submit a record for review, in any genre.

You may see “Qualified Candidates Only” as a footnote throughout our site. This simply means that we will only forward music to our contacts — major labels, publishers, subsidiaries, major signed artists themselves (directly), managers or other key decision-makers in the business — if and only if we feel the material meets our standards of quality and what the project is looking for, based on the intel we’re receiving from the given industry contact of ours. 

If we are unable to forward a particular record, because it’s not a match or we do not feel it’s ready, this is no reflection whatsoever on your talent or potential for success. It’s also just one, admittedly subjective opinion; in other words, we could be wrong and the next contact of yours that hears the same material may forward and/or sign it to be recorded and released. You never know!  

But we can only forward material we feel strongly about, since that helps us maintain the integrity of these important relationships we’ve spent years cultivating.

We will also work with you on improving in general and on updating specific records if we feel they are “close” but maybe not quite there yet, based on our checklist of criteria we look for in records we forward.

To find out if your existing material is qualified for forwarding, simply schedule a Free Music Review in an initial A&R consultation, at absolutely no charge and no risk or obligation to you, and no purchase necessary. 

We’d love to hear what you’re working on and get familiar with your project(s) and goals, and see what we might be able to do to help you make big strides faster than you might be able to on your own.

AvrConsultancy™ accepts inquiries from artists directly, managers and/or agents.  We’re also more than happy to do a conference call.  Schedule your Free Music Review today and let’s go from there.

No. AvrConsultancy™ works online and over live calls with musicians from all over the world.  Schedule your Free Music Review now, no matter where you are and let’s discuss what we can do to help you reach your music career goals.


The free initial consultation, during which we review your music and project, is entirely free of charge, with no strings attached. You have no obligation to do paid consultations thereafter.  We will suggest a program to fit your needs and budget during this call, and ultimately it’s up to you to decide to go forward and which program you feel will work best for you. We can also create a custom “lite” program for you, in the event you are on a limited budget.  You can view our general pricing here.

Schedule your Free Music Review today (No purchase necessary whatsoever.) In this brief, casual call, we’ll get familiar with your music, discuss your budget and career goals. And then, if (and only if) you wish to move forward, we’ll select and/or tailor a program that’s appropriate for your situation.

Yes. We offer a full 14-day money-back guarantee. Get started now. Risk-free. 

If you are not fully satisfied and convinced our services are an absolute game changer to help you level up your music game, let us know in writing in the first 2 weeks following your first paid consultation and we’ll issue a full refund — No questions asked.  

It’s worth noting that we have yet to have a client request their money back and have received nothing but positive feedback from those with whom we’ve done business.  We’re fully convinced you’ll be no exception!  

Schedule your Free Music Review today and find out why. No purchase necessary.

No. On our own time (outside of consultations), we listen to as many submissions as possible, and forward records and projects we feel are ready to be forwarded to our contacts, at no charge whatsoever.

NOTE: For non-clients, wait time can be weeks or months, due to the volume of submissions we receive. Our clients get heard first.

During consultations, your music goes to the very top of the stack in a live call. You get heard immediately and offered detailed, useful reviews… priority forwarding to labels… premium music industry tips… creative methodology and secrets proven to work in the mainstream… plus customized career guidance.

To get a taste of what a real time detailed music review is like, schedule a Free Music Review with us, at absolutely no risk to you (no purchase necessary whatsoever), and let’s talk about how we can work together to help you level up your music game.

No. If we hear something we believe is ready to be forwarded to one of our major label, publisher or other key decision-maker/A&R contacts, we will forward it at absolutely no charge whatsoever for the forwarding itself.

With that said, if we do the forwarding during a pre-scheduled paid A&R Consultation, you will still be charged for that particular consultation, to reserve our time, for consideration and a thorough review — unless we state otherwise ahead of time, such as in a Free Music Review or a consultation with fees waived for some other pre-approved reason.

In the event we need to do a follow-up call regarding a record or project we have previously expressed interest in forwarding as-is, there is generally no charge for such follow-up correspondence regarding such material — unless such correspondence is part of a call you’ve pre-paid, for a Masterclass or A&R Consultation (Paid Music Review) regarding other material we have not previously expressed interest in.

For more information, schedule a Free Music Review with us, at absolutely no risk to you (no purchase necessary whatsoever), and let’s talk about how we can best structure our working relationship together, to help you level up your music game.

There’s a saying among those who are dedicated to kindness, fairness and integrity, as the AvrConsultancy™ staff is: There’s no such thing as a stupid question. And we stand by that.

We’ve done our best to clarify and answer any and all questions about pricing here in our FAQ and in details and footnotes throughout the site. If you’re still unclear, simply send us an email using our Contact Form at the bottom of every page of the site, and we’ll clarify and answer any questions you may still have on services and costs.

Be assured that you will never be charged “automatically” or “without warning.” We believe in the value of our services and are not here to “make a quick buck.” We want to make a genuine difference. We’ll make sure you know when you’ll be charged versus when something is free, before any payments are made, and at any time thereafter as well.

We also offer a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee, so there’s really no risk. Schedule a Free Music Review with us and we’ll go from there. Let’s level up your music game together!

Yes.  AvrConsultancy™ offers a Free Music Review to evaluate your needs and budget, and customize a program for you.  For limited budgets, we may structure a lighter program at a reduced rate you can afford, which can still benefit you. Our comprehensive program bundles, in general, are far more affordable than that of college tuition in any of today’s top universities’ music programs, and we offer industry insider info you may not find at any such institution!  Why not invest in your major music industry education?  You can raise funds to help you afford consultations, too. Just ask us how.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

Schedule your Free Music Review now and we’ll see what we can do for your situation.

You’re not alone. Many who contact AvrConsultancy™ reach out for a Free Music Review only, and there’s no shame in that. We’re happy to hear what you’re doing and see if there’s a way we can help without any upfront costs whatsoever. Every situation is a different. 

Schedule your Free Music Review now. We won’t charge you anything for this call and, depending, we may not even recommend our paid services. It’s also worth noting that, in case you end up choosing our paid services, we offer a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee. We’re not “in it for the money;” we’re here to make a genuine difference in the lives of musicians. Period. Looking forward to speaking with you.

We actually do frequently hear from artist managers and others in the business. Our goal is to do whatever makes sense for the given business/situation at hand.

The free initial consultation and free music review — at absolutely no charge — is free for everyone, regardless of your role in the situation.

We’re super into prospective B2B scenarios, as well. So even if you just wanna reach out for networking purposes, feel free to use our Schedule Now button for this purpose and select Free Initial Consultation in the form. It’s also a quick and easy way to lock in a time on our calendar and do a meeting of any kind, even if you’re not necessarily intending to enroll your client(s) into paid sessions later.

Whether we will charge you and/or your client(s) for subsequent consultations is something we can discuss and determine during the initial call, and will depend on a number of factors — particularly:

(A) whether we’re hearing material that’s already ready to be placed, in our opinion based on our checklist of criteria (in which case, we will typically not charge to forward such material); versus

(B) whether we identify what we call potential ‘areas of advancement” in the particular musician and/or material we’re hearing (in which case, we may recommend paid A&R consultancy and/or Masterclasses thereafter).

Either way, simply schedule a Free Music Review, and we’ll go from there. Looking forward to connecting and possibly building a working relationship together. Thanks in advance.

Any other questions? Contact us.

Let’s Do This.



Let our A&Rs evaluate your music and project in real time.
Scheduling* this short, casual meeting takes seconds, risk-free.

* Limited spots available.

Let our A&Rs evaluate your
music and project in real time.

Scheduling* this short, casual meeting takes seconds, risk-free.

* Limited spots available.

Sorry, all Free Music Review slots are currently filled.
Click below to schedule a Paid Consultation.

Sorry, all Free Music Review
slots are currently filled.

Click below to schedule a
Paid Consultation.

Nothing To Lose. A Future To Gain.

Nothing To Lose.
A Future To Gain.

100% FREE initial consultation. Zero obligation. No credit card required. Ask about our Limited Budget Options. Non-Realtime Submissions and forwarding outside of Consultancy are always FREE. Terms of Service apply. Limited time offer. Subject to availability. For more info, view our FAQ or Contact Us.


Before reaching out, for common questions, please check our FAQ.